Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday again over at Sting My Heart. Won't you join us?

Hmm...what am I thankful for this week? Nebraska football? Chocolate chip cookies? The fact that my kitchen miraculously looks clean in this picture? Well, all of those things, really, but most of all it's the handsome fella I am most thankful for.

That would be my hubby, if you couldn't figure that out. And, yes, he really does make chocolate chip cookies! But more than that, he does so much for me and our little family. There really isn't enough room on this blog to list everything. He has been off work for a little over two months now and it's been so nice having him home (see post below) that I've gotten a little spoiled.

He does it all with a good heart and a good attitude as well. You really have to work at it to get him in a grumpy mood. Trust me, I've given it my best at times. I have said before that we believe that one cannot be truly happy unless one is truly grateful. I believe my husband epitomizes this thought. He knows what it's taken to get to where we are today and I think he knows it could all be gone in a split-second.

If you have ever seen She's Having a Baby with Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth McGovern and Alec Baldwin, you may remember the scene with Kevin and Alec in the car, right before Kevin is set to walk down the aisle. Kevin asks Alec if he thinks he (himself) will be happy and Alec replies, "Yeah, you just won't know it". My sweetie and I have often discussed how, despite the family chaos that goes on, we are happier than we ever thought we would be. Sometimes, it takes a bit to remind ourselves of this but I can say in all honesty that it is our prevailing attitude. I can also honestly say that without him I'm not so sure it would be.

I prayed to God for this man almost 17 yrs ago and God answered me right on time. There is nothing like knowing you are with the person God hand-picked for you. And there is nothing like having God play match-maker for you. He's pretty good at it, I can attest to that!

So thank you, Dear Lord, for the wonderful gift of my dear husband. The gift that I get to unwrap, discover and enjoy each passing day.

Now only if he didn't have to go back to work!


Amadis said...

That's a wonderful thing to be thankful for!

Denise said...

Such a sweet thankful post.

GinaLaughed said...

This is an awwwwww post! I love it! God bless you and your family!

Shari said...

Wow. What a neat tribute to your husband. He sounds like a good catch. Isn't it amazing how God brings couples together?

Darlene said...

This is sooooo sweet. God is so good!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

What a sweet Thankful Thursday! It's always nice to have that extra set of hands around, and sure does make you appreciate them all the more when they're gone.

Melanie said...

What a great tribute to your husband.

I found your site via Thankful Thursday and I've been reading thru several of your posts. I've really enjoyed being here. I will be back soon.