Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not a Good Mommy Day.

Yesterday was not a good mommy day. I had zero to no patience with the little people in this house. They kept doing that thing that kids do - what's it called?

Oh yeah, needing me.

My dearest husband has been in between jobs since January, so that means he's been home everyday with me for a little over two months. That's two months of TWO parents tag-teaming the kids. That's TWO months of taking peaceful showers without little hands pounding on the glass door. That's TWO months of eating my lunch straight through without having to get up 873 times for something. That's TWO months of going to the store and taking a child only if I wanted to. That's TWO months of - well, you get the idea!

So yesterday, he *sniff* went *choke* back *sob* to work *wail*! And left me here with THEM all alone for, like, eight whole hours! I simply was not mentally prepared for the onslaught. And do you know what? He's doing it again today! *eeek!*

However, today I'm prepared. Yep, got a full roll of duct tape and 8 1/2 solid hours of Disney videos. I say, BRING IT!

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Lisa-Marie said...

Ah. A mother's hero...Disney!!!!

Hang in there.