Thursday, March 13, 2008

Product Review

The Bissell Steam Mop is easily one of my favorite products. I call him Mr. B. No cutesy name here like for my other fave products. No, the Bissell deserves the distinction. He is, after all, my hero. He single-handedly (or moppedly) saved my laminate wood floor from the crazy, oh-so-had-enough-with-cleaning-it-really-really-fed-up lady who lives in my house.

That’d be me.

I was seriously ready to tear all 1000 sq feet of flooring up with my own bare hands (while my hubby was at work, of course). I had tried a multitude of floor cleaning remedies. All of which I was assured were perfect for wood laminate floors. All of which left streaks of residue on my floor and streaks of gray in my hair. Not to mention the money wasted.

But then along came Mr. B. who calmly and smoothly set my scorned heart to rest and promised me a different ending - a happy ending - with him. He has yet to disappoint.

Mr. B. uses a micro-fiber mop head. Mine came with four from (which doesn't appear to be currently selling it *sad face*). The number of mop heads you receive will depend on where you buy yours from. If you are diligent about keeping up with your floor, you may only need one or two. If you are like me and only do your floor during months that end in ‘H’, you will need more. Once the mop head gets too dirty or too soaked, you need to change it otherwise streaks will appear. But this is something I can easily accept with all Mr. B. has to offer otherwise. *swoon*

Mr. B. works best with distilled water. Oh, you may use regular, I-don’t-care-to-put-any-effort-into-my-relationship water, but you’ll end up changing out the filter that much quicker. Why not show Mr. B the love and spring for the 79 cents a bottle of distilled water costs? Mr. B. will show the love in return, I promise.

Mr. B. is hot and steamy for you just 30 seconds after plugging him in. He has an easy to use swivel head that gets around the base of a toilet like no other “mop” can do. Mr. B. watches his waistline and as a result is light weight and easy on the arms. He’s not just a laminate man either. Mr. B. is good for vinyl, tile and other hard flooring surfaces.

You can find Mr. B. at your nearest Walmart for under $80.00. Trust me, when you’re done kissing your own Mr. B., you’re going to want to kiss me for telling you about him. I'll be here - lip plumper freshly applied. *wink*
I give Mr. B. 5 out of 5 Mommy Kisses!


Laurel said...

You have been busy! I'm away from the internet for a week, and...well there is a lot to catch up on! Questionable Reputation Barbie...Tee Hee! That was a good one! I don't get the slut-fest that has taken over the toy store shelves as well. It makes me grouchy!

Stephanie said...

I saw your blog and Money Saving Mom and have to admit - I feel the pain over the laminate floors. I wonder if Mr. B would be my friend too? Thanks for the review.

Deandra said...

Good for people to know.