Friday, May 2, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

It's my favorite day of the week - Super Savings Saturday! I know! This week it was CVS and Walgreen's for me. I had a $25 ECB that was set to expire so out the door I went. Here's my bounty from CVS:

Retail total for everything: $137.08
In store savings: <$77.19>
Coupons: <$33.00>
ECBs: <$24.95>
Tax: $.08
Total OOP: $2.02 Whoot! Whoot!

The Post-It pads on the left, doogie stairs and blow-dryer were all on the 75%-90% off shelves. I'm hoping to turn those around for a bit of a profit at a garage sale. The other stuff, except the razors, we're B1G1 and I had coupons for everything.

The One Touch Ultra 2 was on sale for $29.99 with a full manufacturer's rebate offer inside. I had a $20 off coupon so I only paid $9.99 for it. I made $20 buying this! Again, I say, Whoot! Whoot!

My bounty from Walgreen's:

First, the gift wrap at .33 cents each (2 sheet pkgs). I LOATHE spending money on gift wrap so I thought this would be a perfect time to stock up a bit.

The Sunsilk shampoo was B2G1 plus I had a B1G1 coupon so I ended up with all three for $4.29. I was extra happy that I was able to get the larger 33% extra sizes.

The plaque revealing rinse and Oral-B toothbrush are both in the Easy Saver catalog for full rebates. That means FREE, baby!

The not-really-needed-but-what-the-hay candy bars were .33 cents each.

The box of seeds: .50 cents. I just bought a large glass bowl at a yard sale for $2. Me and London are going to plant a little flower garden. I think this will be a fun activity for us to do together.

And the vacuum cleaner was on sale for $39.99 with a $20 Easy Saver rebate. I paid the balance with my Walgreen's rebate gift card, so I got a new cordless vacuum with no OOP expense.

One last time, I promise - Whoot! Whoot!

How did you do? I'm looking forward to finding out. I'm heading over to Money Saving Mom right now to read about everyone else's awesome deals this week. Won't you join me?


Rachel said...

How in the world do you do that? I honestly try! I was excited about my free deodorant and $7.39 in savings at Walgreens. I read your post and thought, man, I am such an amateur!

Amanda said...


Practice, practice, practice. My first time trying to work the deals at CVS was a disaster! But each time I went back, I got a little better. If you are not an avid reader of, I suggest you start there. Plus, reading everyone else's weekly deals on Super Savings Saturday helped me a lot too.

I'm not so great at Walgreen's. I do much better at CVS. Keep at it! :)

Lady Why said...

You did great!! WOW!!!

April said...

Wow! Tha is some serious savings! Congrats!

cassie said...

Awesome deals! Those doddie stairs look so cute!

yogaqueen said...

Yes- you are officially the queen of a good deal!
You should hold a workshop soon!:)