Monday, May 26, 2008

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Hey, it's that time again! Time to share your tried and true mommy tips and pick up some tried and true mommy tips as well.

Are you like me and sometimes find yourself late in the evening wondering what on earth you are going to blog about the next day? I do this often. Or sometimes, I will get up in the morning and have something in mind to blog but then remember I have somewhere I need to be and, therefore, no time to blog.

You'd be amazed at how many times I've gone to bed on a Monday night and, just after climbing into my comfy bed, thought, "Oh no! I have no tip for tomorrow!" You would think that I would have accumulated tons of them before even beginning this meme, but not so.

Well, here's my little mommy/blogger tip for you today: Did you know that Blogger now lets you schedule your blog posts? Yep, you can write several at once but have them post to your blog at different times. Times you've set up in advance. I've already done this with my Meyer Mondays and am looking to do it with my Mommy Tip Tuesdays.

This is what you do. When you are finished writing your blog post, click on the blue "Post Options" link in the bottom left-hand corner of the compose box. This will bring up your options directly below. Off to the right, you'll see "Post date and time". Just change the info in each box to the date and time you want your post to be published and that's it. It's so easy!

So if you find yourself trying to decide between two or three different mommy tips and can't pick just one, you can write about them all separately and schedule them over the next few weeks. Then each week, you can just sit back & relax come Tuesday morning knowing that your tip has already been shared with the rest of us thanks to scheduled posting!

Do you have a Mommy Tip you'd like to share? Post about it on your blog then return here and add your name and web address to the Mr. Linky below. We'd love to learn something new from you. Just please remember to link back to The Stumbling Christian in your Mommy Tip blog post so that your readers know where to find other great Mommy Tips and also join in on the fun as well.


Lynn said...

I really like this new feature on blogger. I have used it several times and I am sure I will use it a lot more. Thanks for Mommy Tip Tuesday.

mother of seven said...

Thank you so much for this tip. I am tired of getting teased for blogging this on Monday and it is "Mommy tip Tuesday!!!"