Friday, May 23, 2008

My Not So Super Savings Saturday

Normally, I would be bragging today about my exploits in the couponing and thrift store world but, alas, today I bring you no such exploits.

No, today I bring you a hard lesson learned. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic. Maybe it's not such a hard lesson. Maybe I've just been waiting for the chance to use a big word like melodramatic. Maybe.

Okay, so it's not a hard lesson learned but it still stinks nonetheless.

Last week, I went to Walgreen's and donated $5 to breast cancer research and received a $5 register reward toward a Revlon purchase in return. This week, Walgreen's had Revlon products on sale B1G1 1/2 off. So I trotted my little self on down to Walgreen's with my RR and two $2 Revlon coupons in hand hoping to make a thrifty little make-up purchase.

Ah, but the powers that be had other plans!


I decided a mascara and some eye shadow were exactly what I needed and proceeded to the counter (after hitting the candy aisle and getting two Crunch bars for .50 cents each. What? You do it too!) The cashier was very friendly and helpful and we got to chatting about couponing, good deals and saving money. She rang up my total and a teeny-tiny little voice in my head said, "That's too much" but it was so teeny-tiny and I was so engrossed in my conversation that I ignored it and went on my merry way.

It wasn't until after I got home and double-checked my receipt that I realized that I did not receive my second Revlon purchase at 50% off. I decided to double check the add before I headed on back and that's when I realized my mistake! Yes, MY mistake!


The Revlon mascara and eye shadow that I purchased were NOT a part of the B1G1 1/2 off deal! Had I taken more time and looked over the ad and read the details, I would have known what was exactly on sale but I was so hurried to get out of the house and back again that I did not slow down to make sure I was making a responsible and sensible choice.

So let my suffering be a warning to you: Slow down and read the ads!

Oh, and when that teeny-tiny little voice is trying to tell you something, LISTEN!

The cashier did give me the two tubs of body cream for free though, so that was nice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!

What a great point. Thank you for sharing -- it lets me know I not the only one that does stuff like this. When we don't pay close enough attention and therefore don't get the great deal we thought, it is SO disappointing!

Take Care,


Sonshine said...

(((Amanda))) BTDT too many times! I say take what you learned from the lesson and apply it to the next time!

Get your chin up! You will do better next time! :)