Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I didn't hit CVS or Walgreen's or the grocery stores this week. Just didn't seem to find the time to squeeze any of it in plus the deals just weren't really deals for me this time around. That's okay, though, as I hit several garage sales last weekend and scored some major finds!

I had hit a consignment shop about a month ago hoping to find some sweaters on clearance for next winter only to find they were all gone by then. So happy was I to find a woman my size selling several of her sweaters & a denim skirt at $1 a piece! That is waaaaay better than I would have found even on clearance at a consignment store. Elsewhere I found two pair of great looking jeans at $2 each, 3 pairs of shorts and a shirt for London .50 cents each plus a cute flower for her room for a quarter. All total in the above picture: $13.25!

Next, two pair of like-new jammies and a pair of barely worn Hello Kitty shoes at $2 a piece. I think the flower jammies look dirty at the knee in the picture but really they are not. I'm not as excited about these prices but the garage sale lady...well, uh...she kind of scared me and I didn't want to mess with her, so I just paid her asking price and ran to my car yelping like a kicked puppy.

Moving on...

I don't know how the jeans made it into this picture but there they are. Other than that, I scored a couple of things for Kirby - a pair of swim trunks and a pair of Bob The Builder shorts, both a quarter each. The other items I got for a girlfriend of mine. I normally don't blindly buy for friends but the NICE lady at this garage sale was selling all the clothing for .25 cents a piece! That's hard to pass up. So I ended up getting my friend eight pieces of clothing for her little guy for only $2!

Plus, I was able to walk to my car with my dignity at no additional charge. Bonus!

Last two items I got for $1.25. The cutlery box on the left makes for a cute pen/pencil holder on my desk and the metal bucket will be used as a base for a small gift basket for my Secret Sister at church. Both of these items are in excellent condition.

I'm really happy with the great deals I got this week and am looking forward to finding some more next week. You can check out all the great deals that were had this week over at MoneySavingMom. com. Blog about your finds and you can join us next week, too!


Lady Why said...

Great deals!! I love consignment shops!!

mother of seven said...

good job!!!! We are all meeting at the park Wednesday from 9-10am. Then I am going to Music makers at 10am..... If you are interested, I'd love to see you guys:)