Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mommy Tip Tuesday

It's Mommy Tip Tuesday again! Won't you join me?

I just realized that I promised a Bloggy Giveaway (see below) on a Tuesday. Oh well! It's a makes the day that much brighter, doesn't it?

My tip for today involves getting more nutrition in to your picky eater. My daughter seems to rebel against food in general. Well, food that doesn't contain chocolate, that is. Hmm...I wonder where she gets that from? *looks around awkwardly*

I don't like fighting about food. It drives me nuts and, quite frankly, I think sets kids up for issues with eating later in life. I am, however, determined to get some good stuff into the girl.Lucky for me, she likes smoothies.

Smoothies are a wonderful way to sneak nutritious food into something yummy. There are a multitude of recipes on the web and recipe books to choose from. I think most people think fruit, fruit, fruit when they think of smoothies which can add up to a lot of calories and sugar (albeit natural sugar) but I'm here to tell you, you can add several veggies and still come out with a yummy concoction. There are several recipes in Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. This is a raw foods book that will probably be quite extreme for most, but her recipes are scrumptious!

One of my favorites is:

4-5 Kale leaves
a large handful of dark berries or grapes
2 bananas
2 cups ice cold water

Blend the kale and water together first then add the other ingredients. The color is AMAZING and may even put you off a bit, but the taste is worth it, in my opinion. London loves it but I haven't tried it on The Boy yet.

Speaking of the boy, he just woke up. I had another recipe to tell you about complete with nutrient information buy he's rather demanding in the morning, so that will have to wait until next week. Sorry, mommy-duty calls.

And calls loudly!

Please add your Mommy Tip for today and invite a friend to do the same! I look forward to reading them all and learning something new today!


jlo said...

You are so right with the smoothies! I have just gotten my rug rats to start eating/drinking them by telling them they have ice cream in them! Of course we are talking about me, so that means that I BUY them all blended and ready to go! You are so good using good stuff like KALE! I am not even sure that the places I buy ours would know what that is!! Love ya!

Laurel said...

I'm slow: Do I leave my tip here or on my blog? Yikes! I'm trying. Well, here is my tip: I firmly believe that when kids know absolutely that they are loved, they have an amazing capacity to forgive all our dumb mistakes. We need to say it and demonstrate it. One of my favorite books on the topic is The 5 Love Languages for Children.

Laurel said...

Okay, it's 1:14 in the pm. I am officially retarded. I get it now. Right. Tuesdays blog about a mommy tip ON MY OWN BLOG. Right. Got it. I am officially blonde...(with the help of Cyndi. Thanks for the tip.)

Amanda said...

You are so fun, Laurel! You make me laugh! :)

Kim said...

I totally agree with you about not wanting to fight about food. I take the same avenue with my girl, who absolutely has a sweet tooth for all things chocolate and butter. I offer her a variety of choices, generally try to teach her that chocolate is not the best choice for breakfast, but all in all, I want her to learn to listen to her body...eat when she is hungry, eat what her body is hungry for, and stop when she is full.

Jen said...

I'm gonna have to try this one out. I have a recipe for one that includes soy milk and organic carrot juice. You honestly can't taste the carrot juice.