Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy Tip Tuesday

Good Morning! It's Mommy Tip Tuesday again. If you have a tip to offer other moms today, we'd love to hear it. Remember, your tip can be about anything mom and/or kid related such as, getting kids out the door for school in the morning, craft ideas, fun & healthy snacks, potty training, keeping kids happy on long car trips, etc. Share your wisdom! I know I could sure use it! Blog about your tip then add your name to the Mr. Linky below so others can check it out. Be sure to link back to me in your post so others know where to find Mommy Tip Tuesday and join in the fun next time.

Today, I'm doing things a little different. Instead of offering you a tip, I'm looking for a tip or two from you. As I've said before, I struggle with getting London to eat. I'm happy with the smoothies in the morning but don't plan on feeding her smoothies 3x a day just to get something healthy into her.

And, really, WHAT she eats is not the problem I'm struggling with right now, it's WHEN. I'm struggling with snack-time. If I left it up to London, she would just snack, snack, snack all day long. And I don't mean on your typical "junk/snack foods" I mean yogurt, bananas, organic cereal bars, goldfish crackers or dry cereal. I don't have a problem with these foods, it's just that when it comes time to eat a meal, specifically dinner, she is not hungry and then it's a struggle to get her to finish her meal.

I've cut off snacks after 4 pm and this seems to be working pretty well. She's then hungry enough at dinner to finish her meal. She will then say that she doesn't want anymore but will immediately ask for a snack. If I feel she's eaten an adequate amount of dinner, I will allow her a snack. All this takes place around 6 pm in our home. She will then repeatedly ask for more and more snacks for the next 2-3 hrs. It's insane! I ask her if she's really hungry or if she just wants to eat because she likes it. She tells me she's hungry.

We've tried getting her to eat more dinner or tell her that she's allowed ONE snack after dinner. She is not happy with this new rule and will continue to ask for snacks. I have to literally get upset with her and sternly warn her not to ask again to get her to stop. But, if she's really hungry, I want her to have something. Argh! You can see why I'm pulling my hair out!

What are the snack rules in your house? How do you handle after-dinner snacking? Is there some trick to knowing if your child is really hungry or just wanting to munch out of habit?


mother of seven said...

You are going to think I'm mean ,but we do not do after dinner snacks.At all. on Fridays we may do popcorn with a movie.

Then there is the whole dessert thing. You do not eat your dinner . No dessert. Firm. I also have locked my pantry(YES mean again) Because Kyler would just help himself.

You see kids will learn. Eat when you are fed. If they know they have other options, they will use them. Keep in mind I have 7 wonderful kids. If I let them, they would eat all day long.They would also not pick wisely.

Kelsey tries to snack all day also. I feel your pain. Just remember.....one day it will stick. And you will wonder... where did the time go:)

mother of seven said...

oh another tip......Minimize her portions so she feels like she has finished her plate. It worked with Kelsey.

And for the record Frank would prefer to graze...he says that is how most of Gods creatures eat....well except humans of course:)

Kyle said...

Amanda...I am so having this same problem with Ben! It is so frustrating! AHHH..I need help too! I feel like I have tried everything and it only works for a couple nights then we are back to the same old thing...He keeps me on my toes!

mother of seven said...

the tortillas are at Bashas!!!!

Mrs. Querido said...

For some reason, Blogger has lost my blog and therefore I cannot link to this. So please excuse the comment instead of a linky :)
One thing my bottomless pit 3-year old son does is if he doesn't like dinner and thinks that a snack is more appetizing, he'll state he is no longer hungry. Then he proceeds to ask for a snack. I have gotten wise to his manipulative ways and now offer him something that he won't necessarily like (such as bananas) and tell him that is all he will get or he can finish his (much yummier) meal. Works great for us!

Good luck!

Mrs. Q

Anonymous said...

I'm a grazer myself, so I find it hard to come up with any advice for you. In hard times I have to remind myself that this too shall pass! Good luck with it, and you can always picture yourself with a pre-teen. That should make you feel better!