Friday, February 1, 2008

Prayer Requests

God has laid this on my heart more than once but, for some reason, I always seem to put it on the back burner knowing that, someday, I'll get around to it. Well, God reminded me again today so I figured before I allowed anything else to get in my way or distract me (i.e., kids) I'd hop on this and get to it.

I would like to prayer for you in anyway or about anything you feel in need of. Not just today, but anytime and as often as you wish. Praying for myself gets a little old at times. I can only imagine God thinking, "Yes, I know. Peace & patience with regard to your children. I got it!"

So check out the new link off to the right. -------------------------> Just below the "About Me" section (notice how I kept that on top? Hmm...narcissistic much?) there is an email I set up just for prayer. I will check it daily and keep all of you in my prayers. Just let me know when the prayer has been answered as I always love to hear about the wonderful work God does in our lives.

Thank you & have a blessed day!

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