Sunday, October 7, 2007

Question #2

Why "The Stumbling Christian"?

Okay, I admit that "Stumbling Christian" is actually redundant. Saying that you're a stumbling Christian is stating the, um,...obviously. I have to laugh at myself, though, for putting "the" in the title. Like it's just ME.

Actually, it would be pretty cool if it were just me. Because, if I were the ONLY stumbling Christian in the world, I could go on tour and charge people to have a look-see. My opening act could be the world's tallest man or the bearded lady. Maybe even Britney Spears!

I might open the show with tithing waaaay less that 10%. Follow that with being envious of the
new car my neighbor just bought and then talking about that neighbor with another neighbor. I'd round out the show with cheating on my taxes and then close with completely impure thoughts of Matthew Fox from "Lost".

Okay, Josh Holloway.

Okay, both.

Of course, I'd have to change up my act every so often to keep it fresh. Sometimes, I'd pass judgement on the mom in the grocery store with the screaming child or I might lose my patience with the kid at Dairy Queen who's new and messed up my order. Some days, I'd cuss out loud when cut off in traffic or maybe even completely lose my cool with my daughter because JUST ONCE I'd like to go to the bathroom by myself!

Onlookers would pass me by in the exhibition booth, stare with mouths agape and say things like, "Umphf! She's a Christian! She should know better!" and "I expected MORE from her!"

Perfect Christians would come to me daily and quote scripture to me and remind me that if only my faith were stronger I wouldn't stumble at all. I'd hang my head in shame and imagine God up there keeping tally of all of my failings and wonder AGAIN if He really loved me.

Fortunately, for me, I am not the only one. Recognize yourself up there anywhere? All of it's true for me - well, except for cheating on my taxes. I've never really done that. Nor impure thoughts of Matt and Josh.

Okay, well not DAILY, anyway.

I chose "The Stumbling Christian" simply for the sake of honesty. I want to be honest with everyone who comes to read my ramblings. Honest with those who are struggling right along with me. Honest with those who have not yet chosen Christ and mistakenly believe all will be perfect once they do. Honest with those who are ahead of me in their walk with Christ so they remember to look back from time to time and help me along.

But, mostly, I want to be honest with myself and honest before God. Because, what's the point otherwise?

Yes, I will stumble. And, yes, I will fall. Some days, I won't be able to walk at all. But will not walking on keep me from moving forward? Nope.

Those will be the days the Lord carries me.

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