Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jesus 911

Every now and then I catch Nanny 911 or SuperNanny. I don't watch it on a regular basis simply because when I do happen upon it I never note the day/time or channel so, as a result, I never know when to catch it again the following week. You'd think I'd make more of a point of this considering that often times my parenting skills closely resemble those scenes in old west movies where the stagecoach is being dragged through the desert at an alarming speed by teams of half-crazed, runaway horses headed straight for a deadly drop-off.

When I do catch the nanny shows, I notice a trend with the nannies. They like house rules and they like them posted on a wall for everyone to see - a constant reminder of what is expected of everyone. Nice idea, I think.

After one particularly frustrating morning, I had decided that a list of house rules was needed (forgetting, of course, that London & Kirby cannot read but I was not exactly in my "right mind" so I'm cutting myself some slack on that one). I was tired of repeating myself, and for reasons unclear to me, it seems that every time I have to repeat myself my voice gets a little louder. Go figure.

I don't know if this particular morning my husband was frightened or just sympathetic, but either way he, at least, had his wits about him and smartly sent me off on my own for a few hours. I made my way to the Berean bookstore because I was in search of a tiny Jesus statue (which I never found) and a good Christian-based parenting book (found several).

And, as God often does, He put something in my path that I desperately needed. There on one of the store shelves - a list of house rules:

As you can guess, I purchased it. It now hangs on the wall directly in front of my stairway, so that every morning as I descend down the steps to start my day, this is the first thing I see. So I guess, it's just fine that London & Kirby can't read...

as long as I can.

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Debbie said...

I love the house rules...Have one on my fridge..:) They are good ones to follow!