Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolution #2

When Kirby was first born, I tried very diligently to continue to keep up with everything around the house. I had maintained a pretty good routine when it was just me and London and I had hoped to be able to keep it up.

Not so. Did you know newborn babies in the home can create a very chaotic atmosphere and result, also, in one exhausted mommy? No, really, it's true!

So the routine went out the window and subsequent chaos ensued. January 4th will mark one year since the troublemaker precious boy entered my life. However, there is still no sign of any workable routine. My days are pretty much willy-nilly, wishy-washy, hokey-pokey and la de da.

It's a miracle that I get anything done at all. Or it takes the complete act of ignoring my kids, which never ever happens. Ever.

Hardly ever.

Well, on occasion.


Every other day.

Okay, right now.

So, that leads me to New Year's Resolution #2:
Thou shalt get your act together!

A new workable, flexible, reasonable, none-to-strict, doable routine is in order. Yes, yes! There will be time & days for laundry, time & days for errand running, time & days for grocery shopping (preferably sans kids), time & days for bible study, cleaning, pedicures, scrapbooking, emails, blogging, friends, dates with hubby and...dare I say...I may even pencil in sex here and there.

I said "pencil in", Sweetie, pull your pants up! Geesh!

Yes, it will all be perfect! It will operate smoothly. This household will run like a well-oiled machine. We will be an efficient, time-saving, organized and productive family! Others will come to me and say, "How do you do it?" and I will smile unabashedly and reply, "I have a routine!" Yes, I can see it now!

Now if I could only eek out a couple minutes to actually sit down and come up with this routine!

But, seriously, who has time for that?


Lisa-Marie said...

Ooooh! I love it. I think that my favorite words ever are routine and schedule. I know. I must be crazy!

Laurel said...

You are funny! But inspiring. I need to get back on a routine. We have been floating since Christmas around here, and I am telling you it's a mess!

Madame Queen said...

You crack me up! I bet *my* husband would like for me to adopt this resolution, too! :)

DH said...