Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If Loving You is Wrong...

I am one of those "Lost" people. No, I don't mean wandering. I mean I'm an avid watcher of the t.v. show. Not being much of a t.v. person, it is the only show I watch. Aside from the beautiful scenery and outstanding writing, the creators of the show have given us Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway to lick the t.v. screen respectfully admire on a regular basis - often shirtless, no less. *sigh*

But, as a reward to those of us most loyal, they have given us Henry Ian Cusick, a.k.a Desmond. Shirtless, from time to time as well, thank you.

Thank you very much.

So imagine my surprise when I first saw, "The Gospel of John" starring Cusick as Jesus. I'm not kidding you when I say this, I had to turn it off. Why? Because, I don't think one should be watching a portrayal of the life of Jesus and be thinking, "Man, Jesus is hot!"

But, the other day, I was in the new Family Christian Bookstore across the street from me and they had "The Gospel of John" dvd on sale for $5! Well, I couldn't resist. I bought one for me and two as Christmas presents. I'm looking forward to when I have 3 hrs sans kids to watch it. Ooh! I'm watching it alright! I'm just hoping I won't have to keep turning it off in order to confess the sin of impure thoughts - repeatedly.

Yep, I don't wanna be right.


a70eezchild said...


You will LOVE it! Ian does an amazing job.

It's ok to find Jesus handsome. My first exposure to such a feeling was with Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar. You saw him as a guy...as the human he really was. It was life-changing.

Now, Ian's portrayal is so awesome, because his Jesus is fully human and fully divine...and he knows it! He's full of joy, which I believe Jesus must have been.

Some people got bogged down with too much smiling...and some of the repetitive nature of the dialogue. But since it's word-for-word from John's Gospel, that seems such a silly thing to be annoyed with. It's not like Mr. Goldsmith (writer) made up the dialogue himself...lol.

Enjoy!! It's a tremendous production!


Lisa-Marie said...

Funny. You make me laugh!