Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can I get an amen?

Not long ago, Good Morning America did a segment on this book and, let me tell you, I'm buying it on title alone. My 3 1/2 year old daughter is already quite sure of her fashion sense and will let me know, on no uncertain terms, what she is and is not willing to wear. One day, not long ago, she cried the entire way home from the mall, all because I bought her a brown skirt.

Brown! *gasp* What was I thinking?

I should have known, considering that every time I do her laundry, the lint from the dryer is a solid PINK. Well, at least for now, the clothing battle is only over color. Oh, I see the writing on the wall, all right. And, you can bet, I'm armed and ready with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Writing on the wall doesn't scare me...

...the fashions for young girls they have out these days scares me! Exactly for what "profession" are we preparing our little fashionistas?

I'm happy to say, just when I thought London never listens to me, she made me proud. Awhile back, when I was in the shower, London decided to get herself dressed. She walked into the bathroom to let me know that she had picked out a pair of panties and, in addition to that, pulled on a pair of panty covers - the little "bloomers" she wears over her panties whenever she's in a dress or skirt. She then says to me,

"I'm wearing these, Mama, because a lady never shows her panties".

That's my girl! Score one for decency!

Keep an eye out for more on this topic as my daughter gains more and more interest in her fashion style. And though I may occasionally get the color wrong, that's not enough to stop me from being interested in her fashion style as well. And if I have to use that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser directly on her clothes - well, I won't. But, anything that falls under the heading "skanky" will meet with the flaming end of a lighted match - that, I can assure you!

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