Wednesday, June 25, 2008


au-then-tic-i-ty [aw-then-tis-i-tee, aw-thuhn-] noun

- the quality of being authentic; genuineness

In my previous post, I mentioned my desire to be an open book. Did I mention it would be non-fiction? I think anyone can spin a good tale but I've always felt that life was more interesting than the stuff of fiction. However, I think there is non-fiction and there is truth. I'm sure we've all perused an "unofficial" biography or two to know that fiction still manages to find it's way in.

Or we've all had a boisterous uncle who liked to tell tall-tales at the Thanksgiving table. Either way, we all know an embellishment when we hear it.

What I'm striving for in my book is authenticity. If I'm not going to be authentic, then I'm not growing in my walk with Christ. I will literally be standing still. And where will my passion be then?

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. ~ Revelation 3:15,16

Personally, being spit out of the mouth of God is not really something I would find appealing. Maybe that's just me.

The desire to be my more authentic self started in the early summer of 2007 when I came face to face with some truths about myself. Some of which weren't all that pretty. Upon realizing these truths, (and, yes, I will be sharing all the nitty-gritty with you, don't worry) there was no turning away from them. Either I was going to head out onto the road of health & healing or I was going to continue on the road of self-destruction and misery. Do you see a choice here? Neither did I.

What were those truths? Well, well...a little nosey aren't we? I'm kidding. Be nosey all you want! I'm spilling my guts either way. But not now. No, my precious, I like to keep you in suspense.

But here are a few little hints, just for fun: M&M candies, Nicole Kidman, Oprah and, oh...let's say Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

My life - it's a page turner!


Laurel said...

I'm loving it! You are courageous.

yogaqueen said...

Where is your prayer request on the right side of the page? I finally need a prayer and it's not there!
I left Seville on Friday (as in quit)not because I don't enjoy teaching yoga to the members,but because my boss wasn't taking care of me the way he should've been. You know, he didn't "have my back".
So after three years of being there I am praying for clarity and praying for my path to be revealed to me if you could do the same. I am in Maryland with my sister at the moment. You can reach me at This is my traveling email :-Andrea

LizC said...

Hi - came across your blog on the Christian mom ring! your post today reminded me of a study I'm doing with some friends right now. The book is called "Seeking Him". We were hoping to get into a meaty bible study where we really dissect scripture, but this is more introspective. And actually, it is awesome cuz it is really drawing us all closer to each other - but most importantly, it talks a lot about humility, and honestly with God, ourselves, and with the Body. Sounds like all we've heard before, but as we go through it, it really asks specific questions that really make us examine ourselves and be totally honest. Ugh. But its very convicting and I think we are growing a lot because of it. I will check back here often! Take care! Liz